11 years ago

Tired of the same
fish on your dinner table week after week? If you want to try something new, we’d
like to introduce you to a hidden little treasure of a fish called swai

In other stores,
you may find this fish under the name shark catfish, striped catfish or tra. It
is similar to catfish with its white flesh, but has a milder flavor and more
delicate texture. This fish is from Vietnam and brings a moist, sweet taste to
your tongue with a coarser texture to break up the sometimes perceived “slimy”
feel of fish. It has a very approachable flavor for most people who don’t
normally like freshwater fish.

As an added bonus,
there may be no other fish quite as versatile as swai, as it can be broiled,
baked, sautéed and even coated with bread crumbs and fried. Swai can be
prepared using any of your favorite white fish recipes or simply breaded,
pan-fried and paired with a fresh mango or pineapple salsa.

Enjoy this new
taste from the other side of the globe!