10 years ago

It’s grilling season year-round at our house – my husband just pulls the grill a little bit closer to the house to keep from freezing in the winter. Now is his time of year when he can be out on the deck barefoot, keeping an eye on the kids playing on the swing set, while he grills us some yummy hamburgers. It’s also a great excuse to delegate some of the nightly cooking duties to him!

So much attention is paid to the meat-side of the burger: what kind of ground hamburger to purchase, what spices to use, and what kind of cheese may taste best. 

However, if you think about it, the bun can make or break your hamburger eating experience. If you’re going to go all-out with your hamburgers, you have to be sure you have a quality bun to put them on. Lunds and Byerly’s has all the bases covered with a wide variety of hamburger buns and a few new options to check out.

We’ve got the basic hamburger bun that comes in white or wheat. Found in the 8 count packages in the bakery department. Here’s an insider tip: if you don’t need 8 buns for your dinner or don’t want to throw them in the freezer (they freeze great!), just ask your bakery associate and they’ll split the package into a 4 count for you! These are available fresh every day in the bakery department!


Recently introduced is our refreshed line of Big Buns. These come in 4 count packages and are larger buns, between 4” and 4.5” wide. They come in Florida Onion, Sesame Seeded, Pumpernickel or Potato varieties. They are so soft and just a few seconds to warm them up on the grill is all you need to create that perfect base for your hamburger.

One more option that’s a lot of fun is the Pretzel Bun. These are more easily found sold singly in the bakery or deli near the salad bar, but some stores will pack these in 4 count packages this time of year. This is a treat! The doughy texture of the Pretzel Bun goes great with a hearty burger. It’s a taste combination you have to try.

Although my family is still partial to the plain wheat hamburger buns, once in a while I get my way and get them to try something different. Whatever selection we make, our burgers are a delicious summer treat for our table!

Amy Fouks, bakery category manager