8 years ago

How to serve truffles at home for a fraction of the cost

Have you tried truffles? These rare wild mushrooms are considered delicacies because of their intense aroma and flavor. They grow underground among the roots of very specific oak trees in parts of Europe and are so hard to locate that harvesters use specially trained dogs (or pigs!) to find them.

Truffles are often shaved or grated on top of food in order to infuse the dish with their flavor just before serving. Milks, creams and oils can also be infused with truffles for use in sauces.

While truffles can be very expensive, you can enjoy the taste of this delicacy at home for a fraction of the cost with Urbani canned truffled products.

Urbani Pesto and Truffles adds a wonderful depth of flavor to any pasta dish. Simply warm up the sauce over low temperature and mix it with your favorite pasta. Urbani Pesto and Truffles is also delicious spread on toasted bread or drizzled on meat or fish. Also available in the classic Sicilian red pesto variety, made with tomatoes and basil.

Look for Urbani canned truffled products in the deli.

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