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wine: Sauvignon Blanc

Ready for a new go-to summer wine?
Try a Sauvignon Blanc! Made from a green-skinned grape variety that originated
in the Bordeaux region of France, it’s crisp, dry and refreshing.

This unique white wine combines
fruit flavors like lime, green apple, passion fruit or white peach (the fruit
flavor depends on the ripeness of the grape) with herbaceous flavors like bell
pepper, jalapeno, gooseberry and grass, for a “zing” that can’t be beat.

Wondering what to pair with your
Sauv Blanc? Here are some ideas:

Any dish with green herbs in it. Herbs such as parsley, rosemary,
basil, cilantro or mint complement the herbaceous qualities of the wine.

Stinky cheeses. Goat cheese and other soft, strongly-flavored cheeses
are a good choice.

White meats and fish. Chicken, pork chops, turkey, white
fish and shellfish all go well with Sauv Blanc.

Heavier vegetarian fare. Green veggies cooked with a
heavier ingredient – such as yogurt, eggs or cheese – pair well with the
acidity in the wine.

Here are four Sauvignon Blanc wines
to try:

  • Starborough – Featuring layers of citrus and tropical fruit with
    hints of fresh green characters. Flavors of passion fruit, guava and kiwi
    layered over a citrus framework culminate in a crisp, approachable palate.

  • Edna Valley – Well-balanced with
    rich citrus and tropical fruit flavors. Concentrated fruit aromas of orange
    zest, grapefruit and lime are complemented by notes of fresh cut grass. Bright
    acidity makes the wine crisp and adds length and minerality to the finish.

  • William Hill – Offering layers of ripe citrus fruits, including Meyer lemon, ruby
    grapefruit and exotic Kaffir lime. These flavors meld with rich notes of
    lychee, passion fruit and a touch of pineapple. A full, round mouthfeel leads
    the way to a refreshingly crisp finish.

  • Frei Brothers – Conveys great varietal
    character, with its bright acidity and flavors of lemon, lime, melon and
    freshly cut grass. Subtle hints of vanilla and cream from oak aging balance the
    crisp palate.

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