7 years ago

The Importance of Diet Variety for Our Health

By Dr. Crystalin Montgomery, ND, LAC
Be Well Natural Medicine, 236 South Cretin Ave, Saint Paul, MN 55105

What does it take to grow a garden? Seeds, water, sunlight, fresh air … and healthy soil. Too much water, and plants will wilt. Too much sun and they wither. Nurturing a garden is a practice of balancing the elements and creating the right environment for healthy plants.

Just like healthy gardens, the human body needs the right amount and the right type of nourishment. Recent research has highlighted the importance of the gut microbiome – in other words, the bugs in our gut can determine our health. Frequent antibiotic use and overconsumption of processed foods can decrease the number and types of organisms that live in our digestive tract. Research has shown that these alterations in gut flora are associated with chronic diseases such as obesity and inflammatory diseases. Additionally, the make-up of our gut flora also influences the bugs that live on our skin and oral mucosa. Take-home message – the more diverse your gut flora, the better the protection from chronic disease.

How can we achieve more diverse gut flora? By eliminating processed foods, eating whole foods and including a balance of wholesome nourishing pure foods. The key is moderation, and feeding our body a variety of vegetables, fruits, and other whole foods. Health is attained from the inside, out. If we want to look and feel good on the outside, there needs to be balance on the inside!