6 years ago

The holiday card that gives twice

This holiday season, send
Courage Kenny Cards and help support people with disabilities: 100% of the
proceeds from every Courage Kenny Card purchased at Lunds & Byerlys support
rehabilitation, independent living and recreational services for people with
short- and long-term conditions, injuries and disabilities.

The first cards, sent
in 1958, featured a single two-color pencil drawing. Today, Courage Kenny Cards
are produced from original, exclusive and museum-quality art created by dozens
of artists throughout the United States, many of whom have disabilities. By
showcasing their art, Courage Kenny Cards help illustrate that a physical or
sensory impairment does not diminish creativity, talent or ability.

Back in 1985, Lunds
was the first grocer to participate in the Courage Kenny Community Service
Retail Program, donating all of the proceeds of its card sales back to Courage
Kenny. Byerly’s stores followed shortly after, in 1991.

This year, Lunds
& Byerlys is celebrating its 30th year partnering with this
program; more than $6 million in sales have been generated to support Courage
Kenny Rehabilitation Institute programs and services to help people with
disabilities live more independently.

By choosing Courage
Kenny Cards, you are sending a card that gives twice: You keep in touch with
family and friends and empower people with disabilities to reach their full

We’re proud to offer
Courage Kenny Cards at all Lunds & Byerlys locations! Look for a selection
of 20 original packaged holiday designs in stores now.