10 years ago

The holiday season for a produce buyer can be the most exciting and trying time of the year. The pomegranates are bright red; clementines are sweet and juicy; pears are soft and succulent. I am not only amazed by the varieties and flavors available during the holidays, but the sheer volume that we all consume is dizzying. Any why shouldn’t we? In a holiday season full of high fat, salt and sugar, filling up on healthy fruits and vegetables is something that we should strive for.

This season is a time for reflection, thanks and celebration. We are so lucky to have such a bounty of produce from the growing things in our world, and I am so lucky to be able to share that bounty with all of my Minnesota neighbors.

Lunds and Byerly's fruit basketThe theme of giving food as a gift is the strongest in the produce department. Fruit baskets have been a Lunds and Byerly’s holiday tradition since long before my time.

As a kid I remember seeing these impressive bundles of fruit as we shopped at Byerly’s St. Louis Park. Massive artistic displays of fruit held by sturdy, hand woven baskets and sealed with a crystal clear cellophane wrap made the fruit that much more beautiful.

Years later, and working in the produce department at Byerly’s, I can appreciate the baskets I loved as a kid.

Learning to build them was a challenge, but the smile on my customers face when I presented them with my finished work was magical. It was my favorite part of working in the store and something I will never forget.

This tradition is still very alive at our stores. We continue to offer a multitude of different baskets full of our finest produce. With everything from apples and pears to grapes and pineapple, I am confident you will find your perfect gift of produce.

Click here to view our current fruit basket offerings.  

Order online or call the store of your choice. Need a basket now? We will have ready-made baskets available in all stores through December 24!

Happy holidays!

Colin Lyons, produce buyer