5 years ago

The dessert that’s fit for angels

Ever wonder where angel food cake came from?

This white, fluffy cake first became popular during the late
19th century. While there is some debate about the origin of angel
food cake, some historians believe that it originated with the Pennsylvania
Dutch, who created the recipe as a sensible use for all the egg whites left
over from the making of noodles. People called it “food fit for angels” because
of its light, airy texture.

Today, angel food cake is still one of the most popular
desserts, commonly served with a sauce or glaze. The best part? Each piece of
angel food cake has fewer than 80 calories, making it a virtually guilt-free
dessert. Our favorite, no-fuss way to serve angel food cake: Top each slice
with fresh berries and whipped cream for an extra treat.

We offer ready-made angel food cake in our bakery every day.
It’s an easy, crowd-pleasing dessert that’s great for every meal occasion, from
everyday meals to dinner parties. Pick some up today!

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