7 years ago

The best snacks to take on road trips

you hit the road this summer, make sure to stock up on snacks. Because, let’s
face it, one of the most important parts of any road trip is the food!

Here are
a few of our favorite things to munch on while we’re out on the open road:

  • Buddy’s
    Small Batch Nut Butters
    Peanut butter and crackers are a
    great way to stay fueled up for the long drive. Buddy’s Nut Butters are
    available in three mouthwatering flavors: honey peanut, chocolate peanut and
    cinnamon raisin.

  • Angie’s
    Delicious baked puffs made from ancient grains.
    And only 150 calories per serving! Available in sweet & salty, sweet
    barbeque and white cheddar.

  • Epic
    Hunter Gatherer Mixes
    . An epic snack mix for an epic
    road trip. A wonderful mix of 100% grass fed, organic beef jerky and nutrient
    rich berries, nuts and seeds. Available in four varieties.

  • Lunds
    & Byerlys Chocolate Bars
    . Premium chocolate bars made from pure
    Belgian chocolate. Available in several varieties, including milk chocolate
    with pretzel and toffee bits, plus 4 kinds of dark chocolate.

  • Lunds
    & Byerlys Granola
    . Our signature granola features tasty
    combinations of whole grains, nuts and dried fruit, lightly sweetened with
    natural honey and real sugar. Available in six varieties: honey nut, triple
    berry, cranberry nut, vanilla almond, banana chip and nut, and fiber and protein.

don’t forget the water! We love Klarbrunn
übr water
, which is locally sourced and bottled. It combines electrolyes
and a high pH level to provide excellent hydration and restore balance.