Taste Test: Sparkling Wine
3 years ago

Taste Test: Sparkling Wine

The holidays are the season to give thanks and celebrate. And nothing says “cheers!” like a crisp bottle of sparkling wine paired with a savory meal or as the highlight of a party.

This season also keeps us plenty busy. Between friends, family, shopping and cooking, picking the perfect refreshments to complement the festivities can end up a last-minute afterthought. With so many options to choose from, who has time to figure out which bubbly is best?

We do. We tasted 10 different sparkling wines and came up with the favorites that will put the POP! in your holiday celebrations. Whatever your tastes, we’ve got the bubbles that will make you the toast of the town.

La Marca Luminore Prosecco
From the Conegliano/Valdobbiadene region near Venice, Italy, Prosecco’s popularity has exploded in recent years. La Marca hand-harvests its grapes, and their next-tier Luminore Prosecco is light, clean and glitters with petite bubbles. With its superior taste and Tiffany-blue label, you’ve got a party that feels fit for 5th Avenue.

Chandon California Rosé
Rosé wines have also seen a recent resurgence in popularity. But don’t be fooled: rosé isn’t just a summer wine. And being owned by the Dom Perignon family, Chandon isn’t your usual rosé. With its dusky rose hue, this wine has a lot of volume and is perfect for rich foods, oysters and shellfish. Don’t hold back; have some nibbles with your bubbles.

Argyle Brut
Move over, Napa; Oregon’s Willamette Valley is the next big thing in U.S. wines, and Argyle’s Brut is the sparkling proof. Frothy and flavorful, this vintage-dated wine has some serious bubbles that coat the tongue in a faint, lingering sweetness. Grab a bottle and get your party started.

Bollinger Special Cuvée Champagne
When you want to make a statement, only the real deal will do. Bollinger Champagne is a classic, and with good reason – it’s the signature champagne of none other than James Bond himself. This creamy, biscuity champagne is fantastic with food or alone as the ultimate indulgence. Chill to 55 F and toast to your own excellent taste.