4 years ago

Taste Test: Rosé

Summer is here, and oh do we deserve it. After surviving a bitter winter and a spring that…just felt like more winter, we’re finally able to swap our jeans for shorts, our ovens for grills, and grab a drink that’s perfect for summer’s heavy-shaded days and dreamy mild nights.

To celebrate: think pink.

Rosé wines are light, refreshing, and pair perfectly with your summer plans. Made with red grapes or red grape varietals, the skins are only allowed brief contact with the juice, resulting in that gorgeous blush pink color rosés are famous for.

The best part? With all the rosé options available, there’s one that can fit your taste. Serve at 45-50 degrees and you’ve got the season in a bottle.

We (enthusiastically) tested six of our most popular rosés and (happily) provide our top picks:

A THRILL WITH THE GRILL: Rosé Vin Gris by Spell
Don’t be deceived by the color: this is no bashful rosé. Spell has a fuller, warm flavor that lingers on the tongue and is a delicious pairing for grilled shrimp or fish, barbecued chicken and strong cheeses like gorgonzola. Perfect for foodies.


PERFECT JUST TO CHILL: Rosé of Pinot Noir by Sokol Blosser
From the esteemed Sokol Blosser Winery in Oregon, this vibrant rosé has a subtle strawberry aroma and a light clean finish. Pour a glass (or two) and savor while relaxing on the porch and watching the fireflies.


BEST FOR A FEST: Whispering Angel by Chateau d’Esclans
Both red and white wine drinkers will enjoy this one. Despite its ethereal name, Whispering Angel actually deserves a hoot and a fist bump. This wine is complex – creamy but light with incredible texture. Serve for a backyard party and be the toast of the neighborhood.


LOW-COST LUXE: Belleruche by Chapoutier
There’s a reason why this a Lunds & Byerlys best-seller. From the Rhone Valley in France, Belleruche’s tropical aroma, fuller body and trailing finish mean you get a quality wine at an affordable price. Grab a few bottles and you’ve got summer set.