5 years ago

Taste Test: Crackers

We taste-tested 9 different varieties of specialty crackers, pairing them with three types of cheeses: soft (goat cheese), semi-soft (Trugole) and hard (white cheddar). Here are the results!

Best cracker served without cheese: Rustic Bakery Cranberry Handmade Pan Forte Crostini. Made with dried cranberries, pecans and rosemary, this flavorful, slightly sweet cracker held its own even without cheese. One tester commented on the unique, almost chewy texture – “almost like a cookie!”

Best for spreadable or soft cheese: Once again, Rustic Bakery Cranberry Handmade Pan Forte Crostini came out on top; these crackers were crispy and chewy, yet strong enough to withstand a hearty swipe of soft cheese. No crumbling crackers here! Our testers enjoyed the combination of smooth, earthy goat cheese and sweet cranberries.

Best cracker served with a hard cheese: The overwhelming favorite with our testers was La Panzanella Original Mini Croccantini. Reminiscent of flatbread, these light, crispy artisan crackers pair beautifully with hard cheese, as well as spreads, dips, soups and salads.

Look for all these crackers and more in our grocery aisles!