4 years ago

Taste Test: BBQ Sauce

We sampled 10 different kinds of barbecue sauce – here are the three that stood apart from the rest!

L&B Twin Cities Original Barbecue Sauce: A mild barbecue sauce infused with just enough smoky flavor to pair beautifully with your favorite cut of beef, tender pork, moist chicken or even shellfish. Great as a marinade or simply slather on while grilling or roasting.

Famous Dave’s Rich & Sassy BBQ Sauce: Made from a secret family recipe, this zesty, award-winning sauce is a blend of hand-picked herbs and spices in a rich and sassy sauce full of natural flavors. It’s the original recipe that made Famous Dave “Famous!” Delicious generously slathered over ribs, chicken, pork or beef.

Rudolph’s Bar-B-Que Original Barbecue Sauce: The same sauce used for over 40 years at the legendary Rudolph’s Bar-B-Que at the corner of Lyndale and Franklin in Minneapolis. Praised by FOOD & WINE Magazine as one of the best, this sauce is a Twin Cities favorite!

Which one is YOUR favorite? Try them for yourself – look for these tasty BBQ sauces and more in our condiment section.