9 years ago

My favorite fruit! You just can’t beat those luscious Driscoll’s strawberries and I can rarely walk my cart past them without grabbing a box. When they’re paired with bakery sweets, you can’t go wrong!

Strawberries & Sweets Ideas

  • Angel food cake – I clean my strawberries, slice them and sprinkle some sugar on top so the strawberries start to get juicy. Spoon this over the top of a slice of our angel food cake or our sponge cups with a dollop of whipped cream – so good! 
  • I love our strawberry rhubarb pie – that tangy rhubarb gives a flavor punch to a summer treat. 
  • Have you tried our strawberry cream cheese muffins? This is really my favorite muffin variety! You can’t find these muffins just anywhere. Besides, strawberries swirled in a muffin with some sweet cream cheese is a breakfast delight! 
  • Strawberry shortcakes are also our own recipe. Made with three layers of sweet sponge cake, layers of whipped cream and strawberry puree in between. Delicious and really easy to serve to a gathering of people – slice and plate! 
  • Our #1 dessert item at our new Lunds & Byerlys Kitchen in Wayzata is a slice of the strawberry cheesecake. We use real Philadelphia cream cheese with our graham cracker crust – it’s our exclusive recipe and it always raises eyebrows when people try it. When we top that cheesecake with ripe red strawberries and some berry glaze to hold it all together, it’s a refreshing treat no matter what time of year. But don’t worry –it’s available at any of our stores, not just Lunds & Byerlys Kitchen!

Strawberries are a refreshing summer treat, which is exactly what I crave on those long, dark, winter nights in January. These berries just are not the same in January as they are in the summer. Enjoy!

What’s your favorite sweet to pair with strawberries?

Amy Fouks is the bakery category manager at Lunds and Byerly’s