9 years ago


If you’re interested in shopping with sustainability in mind, look no further than the bulk food section that can be found in many of our stores! We have a full range of products, from dried mango slices and quinoa to gummy worms.

We’ve partnered with Bergin Fruit and Nut Company for more than 15 years to provide you with fresh bulk items. Bergin is a Twin Cities-based, family-owned company that was founded in 1951. Currently, there are three generations of Bergins working for the company, including a few who come into our stores to fill the bulk bins in our aisles. They bring their products in from all over the world to ensure the highest quality. From one family-owned company to another, we love partnering together to support our communities!

Shopping sustainably means less packaging waste and buying only the amount you need, from an ounce to several pounds. Our bulk items arrive in recyclable cardboard boxes and the bulk bins are only filled with small amounts, ensuring the product you select is the freshest available. You can select the amount you need for your recipe (handy conversion chart ) and weigh it on the scale in the bulk section.

Perks to Buying Bulk

If you’re only buying the amount you need, you won’t have a partial package of slivered almonds just waiting to be used in another recipe. Buying in bulk also reduces excess waste of outer packaging or non-recyclable inner bags associated with other non-bulk foods. As long as they’re dry, the plastic bags in our bulk aisles are recyclable. Or, better yet, keep the plastic bag for any number of uses: wet swimsuits, sandwiches for the beach or to keep your favorite summer book dry at the lake.

So, next time you’re shopping for ingredients to make your favorite oatmeal cookies, remember to pick up your oats, raisins (or dried cherries for a twist) and walnuts in the bulk aisle. And, don’t forget the gummy worms.

By: Amy Goetz, FoodE Expert at Byerly’s Ridgedale