3 years ago

Seafood: Our Fair Trade Certified Yellowfin Tuna

Kersting, Director of Meat & Seafood, explains what sets Fair Trade tuna
apart from the rest – and why we’re so pleased to offer Responsibly Sourced
products to our customers.

As we strive to bring you even
more Responsibly Sourced seafood choices, we’re pleased to announce we now
offer Fair Trade certified yellowfin tuna, which is rated a “Best Choice” by
Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch.

Much like other well-known Fair
Trade certified products such as coffee and cocoa, the Fair Trade certified
seafood program requires fishermen to source and trade according to rigorous,
independently-audited standards. These standards help protect fundamental human
rights, establish safe working conditions and enable responsible resource

Each tuna is sustainably caught
using single-hook handlines in the waters off Indonesia. This selective process
results in little to no bycatch, which minimizes the impact to other marine
life and protects the ocean’s ecosystems. These Fair Trade catching methods
support responsible resource management and enhanced environmental stewardship.

The Fair Trade certification also
ensures fishermen receive a premium price for their catch. This equitable price
allows them to invest in projects that improve the welfare of the fishing
communities and the families that live there. By purchasing Fair Trade tuna,
you’re supporting projects that directly improve the quality of life of those
living and working in the coastal communities.

Additionally, when you purchase
Fair Trade tuna you’re also protecting fundamental human rights for those
working in the fishing industry. The Fair Trade standards ensure safe working
and living conditions and regulate work hours and benefits for employees.

We’re proud to offer you another
wonderful Responsibly Sourced seafood option. You can now buy yellowfin tuna
with the peace of mind of knowing it was caught sustainably and is green rated
by the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Pick up Fair Trade yellowfin tuna every day at
the seafood counter in all our stores!

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