1 year ago

Sunny Summer Flowers

As we approach the height of summer, it just feels right to have flowers on every table, celebrating the season and bringing the outdoors in.  A simple bunch of foliage, or a cheerful bouquet elevates a casual backyard gathering or picnic to a special celebration. Summer at our stores is marked by bright colors, fresh flavors, and an abundance of Bachman’s flowers ready to bring a little sunshine to your space.

This season, keep an eye out for locally grown sunflowers from Bachman’s, a sure sign of summer in Minnesota. For an easy arrangement you can assemble at home, try a bunch of sunflowers mixed with a bunch of Israeli ruscus and chamomile, also known as matricaria. The dainty yellow and white flowers mixed with stunning sunflowers make a sweet and simple combination. Arrange together in a vase or split up your blooms between several mason jars for a hint of sunshine in every room. Large-headed sunflowers are easy to arrange and also look great on their own dropped in a decorative pitcher or vase.

Be sure to take proper care of your Bachman’s blooms to ensure longevity. As soon as you get home, give your flowers a fresh cut with sharp garden shears, and plunge them into cool water with a sprinkle of Bachman’s flower foodRefresh the water every day, re-cutting the stems while you’re at it. Keep your flowers away from hot sun or drafts to ensure a long vase life.

Here’s to sunny summer days!