3 years ago

It’s Sunflower Season!

Summertime has a certain allure that puts a smile on anyone’s face, and nothing mimics the radiance of the summer sun quite like a sunflower! Bachman’s receives more than 70,000 sunflowers each season, all of which are grown locally by our neighbors in the Red Wing area. Their farm plants seeds every week starting in early May and going through late July, which ensures new flowers are constantly blooming — and as a result, gives you the freshest possible sunflowers to bring home and enjoy!

With layers of golden yellow petals surrounding endlessly cheerful faces, sunflowers have the effortless ability to revitalize any room in an instant. Grab a bunch (or two!) and consider these tips for displaying your new blooms:

  • Have fun with hues. There are so many things to love about sunflowers, and their bright and beaming color is just the beginning. Because these versatile blooms can complement a huge range of other hues, go ahead and experiment with your favorite combinations! Pair your sunflowers with other blooms in vibrant shades of orange and pink for an unexpected but eye-catching collection. Or, couple them with white and lavender flowers to achieve a light and elegant feel. You can also arrange your sunflowers with deep burgundy blooms and wild greens for a look that will carry you from summer into harvest season. The combinations are endless!
  • Go rustic. Fields of fresh sunflowers are abundant with country charm. Embrace that rural appeal with your cut sunflowers by arranging them in something with a farmhouse style. Think vintage metal vase, antique wooden box or beautiful woven basket. All it takes is the easy addition of a plastic liner before filling these vessels with water and you’ll have a quick arrangement that’s country-chic.
  • Keep it simple. Because they’re so large, sunflowers can truly make a statement without any other accents or fillers displayed with them. For a sweet and simple look, snip your sunflower stems to about 4” long. Grab a handful of glass votive holders, fill them with water and set a single sunflower in each one. Voila! You’ve created a low-lying centerpiece in seconds.

Here’s to a sunny summer from Bachman’s!