1 year ago

Summertime Blooms from Bachman’s

While summer may have gotten off to a slow start in Minnesota, familiar summertime blooms are starting to make their seasonal debut. As a chilly spring gives way to summer, spring-blooming plants are replaced by the bright, bold colors of stunning tropicals like hibiscus and mandevilla along with other patio staples such as lush and verdant ferns. Locally grown flowers also make their way into stores, with lilacs and peonies arriving in June and sunflowers in July. Whatever your summer plans may hold, you’ll find everything you need for celebrating the best of the season at Lunds & Byerlys.

For a patio pick-me-up, try containers of flashy tropicals, such as hibiscus and mandevilla. Hibiscus feature bright, showy flowers and lush foliage that create a tropical oasis wherever they are planted. Mandevilla are another beloved tropical known for their colorful flowers and whimsical tendrils of vines.  These tropical climbers make a statement on any porch or patio and are relatively low-maintenance, requiring full sun and frequent watering. To complete your outdoor space, add lush ferns, such as Kimberly Queen and Boston ferns, in containers or hanging baskets. One or two of these ferns are the perfect complement to colorful blooms and make a big impact!

There is nothing more summery than picking up grilling essentials and a bouquet of fresh flowers before heading home to spend the afternoon with friends and family. A bunch of lilacs or peonies arranged on the table elevates any barbecue or happy hour on the patio. With summer flowers, however, comes summer heat! Here are a few steps to take to keep your flowers perky at home:

  • Keep them cool. Your fresh flowers will feel their best if kept in a cool environment, ideally between 65 and 72 degrees. Make sure they stay out of direct sunlight and away from vents or drafty areas.
  • Quench their thirst. Add fresh water to their vase every day, but make sure it’s nice and cool, as warm water makes flowers open more quickly. If the water starts getting cloudy, pour it out and replace it entirely with fresh water.
  • Snip their stems. When you’re giving your flowers fresh water, it’s a great idea to give them a fresh cut as well. Snip each stem at a 45-degree angle about 1 to 2 inches up from the bottom. Cutting at an angle prevents the stems from sitting flush with the bottom of the vase and collecting unwanted bacteria. It also gives the stems more surface area to take in water.
  • Give them food. Give your flowers added nutrients by sprinkling in Bachman’s flower food whenever you replace the water. Flower food is a special blend of additives that nourishes your arrangement and discourages bacteria from growing in the water.

Wishing you a happy summer from Bachman’s!