11 years ago

The onset of spring brings a wonderful, new energy to Minnesotans. Many are inspired to start walking around their neighborhoods, running around our plentiful lakes, or even begin training for a summer marathon! Although each person’s ability differs, it is important to keep the same concepts in mind when you’re getting out and getting active.

Here are my tips for before, during and after your first workout of the season:

#1. Before 
Purchase a new pair of shoes before you hit the pavement. Everyone is different so their shoes will break down at different times, but a good guideline is 6-months. Even if your shoes appear new on the outside, if you’ve worn them for more than 6-months, chances are they are broken down on the inside. This lack of support can lead to unnecessary pain or even cause injuries that may prevent you from even doing the activity you set out to do!

Once you purchase a new pair, keep track of the shoe age by writing the date that is 6-months from the original purchase date on the inside of the shoe with a permanent marker. Six months later, you’ll know that it’s time for a new pair! Keeping your shoes in good condition is an important and worthwhile investment!

#2. During 
Commit to a manageable distance when starting to walk or run outside. So often, we feel gung-ho and end up overexerting ourselves by doing too much. The result can be severe soreness that can prevent you from getting out again! Commit and complete a manageable distance the first time you get out. Then after a week or so, aim to slightly increase this distance, and continue to do so each week. You’re more likely to stick to an exercise plan if it’s realistic. Track your activity to follow your progress, and don’t forget to set goals!

#3. After 
Add a tablespoon of 100% cranberry juice to a glass of water after a tough workout to help you recover more quickly! The powerful antioxidant compounds in cranberry juice decrease oxidative damage (the damage that usually occurs when muscles are worked to their max), which allows muscles to recover faster. After a tough workout, try “Lakewood Organic Pure Cranberry” or another 100% pure cranberry juice from your favorite Lunds or Byerly’s store!

Steele Smiley, CEO, STEELE Fitness