2 years ago

Signs of Spring

Easter will be celebrated on April 17, leaving us plenty of time to plan the perfect Easter gathering. Easter is a time of rebirth, renewal and of all things spring. Celebrate Easter with plants that herald the return of spring including fragrant Easter lilies, spring blooming plants, and cheerful pansy and viola bowls.

Easter would not be complete without the elegant trumpet-shaped flowers and sweet fragrance of Easter lilies. Easter lilies are a breath of spring, and create the perfect final touch for hosting Easter brunch. Their timeless beauty also makes them a thoughtful gift for friends and relatives who may be hosting their own Easter celebrations.

Help your Easter lilies look their best for Easter by following a few simple care instructions. As flowers open, be sure to remove the yellow anthers in order to keep the petals free of pollen and to encourage longer-lasting blooms. Find the perfect place in your home to display your plant. Easter lilies prefer temperatures between 60 to 65 degrees, with a bright, indirect light source. Be sure to keep your lily out of reach of pets, as lilies are particularly toxic to cats if ingested. Keep an eye on your plant’s soil to ensure it stays evenly moist as long as the plant is flowering.

The crisp, clean, petals of Easter lilies look their best when combined with other spring blooms, including Bachman’s-grown Watch ‘em Grow Bulb Gardens, pastel-hued hydrangea, and spring-blooming plants like primrose and ranunculus. These springy blooms make a perfect gift for catching up with a friend, or as a gesture of gratitude to a helpful neighbor.

While spring days remain cool, cold-tolerant spring annuals like pansies and violas are the perfect way to add a pop of color to your entrance. Pansy and viola bowls are a welcoming sight to guests when they arrive for Easter brunch, and they provide much needed color after a long winter. Just be sure to cover them or bring them inside if temperatures dip below freezing.

Happy Easter from Bachman’s!