6 months ago

Spring Ahead with Watch ’em Grow Bulb Gardens!

January in Minnesota typically finds us buried under piles of snow, but inside we are dreaming of spring. After the excitement of the holiday season, January brings a welcome opportunity to refresh, renew and enjoy the comfort and quiet of home. For many, the short days and long nights leave us craving spring and sunlight, and Bachman’s has the perfect solution to tide us over until April and May! Watch ’em Grow Bulb Gardens are a vision of spring, containing a variety of spring blooming bulbs including fragrant hyacinth alongside tulips, crocus, and petite muscari. These messengers of spring make a perfect gift and you’ll love to watch as the bulbs peek up out of the soil and eventually bloom into spectacular color.

It isn’t easy to fool Mother Nature, but through a unique process, Bachman’s plant experts have managed to do just that, convincing spring blooming bulbs to show their faces months ahead of their normal schedule! In early fall, these spring flowering bulbs are planted in containers which then go to sleep in a cooler for next few months. By shifting “winter” back a few months, by the time these beauties emerge from coolers starting in January, they are ready to burst into life.

The flowers in the Watch ’em Grow will bloom at different times, providing weeks of continuous excitement as they sprout and grow day after day. By the time they’ve all bloomed, you’ll have an indoor garden of daffodils, tulips, hyacinth and crocus refreshing your space and putting a smile on your face.

Not only are these unique gardens fun to watch, they’re easy to care for. Just keep these simple tips in mind:

Climate control. You’ll prolong the life of your bulb garden’s blooms if you keep it in a cool location that’s between 50 and 60 degrees. However, if you’re eager to enjoy your flowers sooner, you can encourage quicker blooms by displaying your Watch ‘em Grow somewhere warmer.

Think spring showers! Water your bulb garden frequently, but don’t allow it to sit in water or get soggy. Strike the perfect balance by watering it thoroughly whenever the top of the soil is dry to the touch.

Brighter is better. Find a home for your bulb garden in a brightly lit room. Just be sure the light is indirect. Displaying your Watch ’em Grow in direct afternoon sunlight will shorten the life of its beautiful blooms.

Happy growing from Bachman’s!