9 months ago

Signs of Spring

While it is a little too early to see the coveted first signs of spring in our gardens, March brings a bounty of cheerful spring flowers to Lunds & Byerlys stores. Bunches of spring favorites like tulips, daffodils and blooming branches bring a breath of spring to our homes even as spring blooming garden plants are still sleeping under a blanket of snow. A simple bunch of brightly hued tulips or daffodils arranged in a vase staves off winter blues until spring truly arrives in Minnesota.

When winter overstays its welcome, stop in to Lunds & Byerlys to pick up a few bunches of spring from the floral experts at Bachman’s. Here are few spring classics you’ll find in stores!


  • Tulips continue to grow after they’re cut. When giving your tulips a fresh cut, don’t worry if you accidentally snip them shorter than planned. Their stems will continue to grow in the vase — possibly as much as an inch per day!
  • Wherever you’re displaying your tulips, take note of the light. Tulips will bend toward the nearest light source, so you may want to rotate your pot or vase once a day to keep the tulips standing upright.

Field Daffodils

  • There are more than 25 different daffodil species and as many as 13,000 different hybrid varieties. Daffodils go by several different common names including narcissus and jonquil.
  • They differ from regular daffodils in that field daffodils have no foliage on their stems (which we like to use as an excuse to fit even more flowers in our vase).

Blooming Branche

  • Blooming branches like cherry or forsythia are “forced” meaning they are tricked into bursting into bloom so we can enjoy them in our homes months before they are blooming in nature.
  • Cut blooming branches with a sharp garden pruners at an angle to expose as much of the stem as possible. This allows water to flow more readily into thirsty branches.

Find bunches of these blooms in-store at your nearest Lunds & Byerlys, and start soaking up spring!