7 years ago

Shine Bright with
Sunny Flowers

comes the sun and flowers – fresh from the field! August is full of
flaunt-worthy summer blooms, including brilliant sunflowers. Their large,
seeded face is surrounded by a pinwheel of sunny-gold petals that evokes
happiness and cheer. Brighten up your home or someone’s day with these
sensational all-stars, available as bunches or designer arrangements.

Our current
crop of sunflowers comes from a farm in Wisconsin. The grower plants 250,000
sunflowers each year. Because they are locally grown, the sunflowers are cut in
the field and delivered directly to Bachman’s – they literally arrive fresh
from the field!

look great as a bouquet in your home. Their long vase life, bold color and
varied texture make them excellent cut flowers. Use them as a single floral
arrangement or pair with other complementary flowers such as alstroemeria.

you get your sunflowers home, keep them out of direct sunlight and give stems a
fresh cut. Remove leaves that will be
submerged in water to avoid bacterial growth. Sprinkle floral preservative into
the water and add fresh water daily and you’ll have fresh and vibrant sunflowers.