8 years ago

Serve Crapola for breakfast

It started as a joke and turned into reality: Crapola Granola was first created by hand in a wood-fired cookstove in Ely, Minnesota. After 12 attempts, the recipe was perfected, business took off…and the rest is history!

Crapola is short for “cranberry apple granola.” This ready-to-eat breakfast cereal is made with a combination of five organic grains, nuts, and dried fruit, lightly sweetened with maple syrup and honey. It’s mixed by hand, oven-roasted, and packaged fresh in zip-seal bags.

You can serve Crapola by itself, with milk or yogurt, or enjoy it one of these ways:

  • As an ingredient in your favorite cookie recipe
  • As a dessert topping
  • Mixed with fruit

Look for Crapola Granola in our cereal aisle.