A Guide to Tomatoes



Large and bright red with an elliptical shape. Numerous seed cavities throughout the flesh.

Slice these beauties to top hamburgers and layer on sandwiches. Also can be used to make striking stuffed baked tomatoes.


Small and round (about the size of a golf ball). Vibrant red skin.

Cut in half, hollow, and fill with chicken or tuna spread, or chop and add to an omelet or frittata.


Small and bite-sized. Thick skin with a low water content flesh. Intense sweetness.

Toss these sweet gems into pasta dishes, stir-fries, or green salads.


Available in ripened colors of red, yellow, purple, striped, and white. Prized for their unspoiled lineage and intense flavor.

Allow the flavor to shine through by slicing and sprinkling with kosher or sea salt and a little extra virgin olive oil.


Elongated oval shape. Few seeds and a firm, dense flesh with low water content.

Ideal for sauces, roasting, or sliced on a Margherita pizza.


A baby-sized Roma hybrid with the meatiness of a Roma and the sweetness of a grape tomato.

Dice these meaty tomatoes for salsas, bruschetta toppings, or chicken chili.

Rosso Bruno

Exterior is reddish-brown with hints of green. Rich and flavorful taste.

Ideal for salads and sandwiches.


Similar in size and shape to a strawberry. Meaty flesh and sweet flavor.

Add to a crudités platter, use as a garnish, or make appetizer kabobs with a tomato, cube of cheese, and olive.


Wishbone shaped and available in yellow, orange, and red. Meaty flesh.

Perfect for a classic caprese salad with fresh mozzarella, a BLT sandwich, or tomato basil soup.