A Guide to Potatoes


Blue and Purple

Dark blue to lavender skin with vibrant purple flesh. Color lightens when cooked. Starchy, drier texture. Sweet flavor.

Bake, mash, or use to make
French fries or chips.

Klondike Rose

Smooth rose-colored skin with gold-colored flesh. Buttery texture.

Steam, boil, mash, or sauté.


Thin, smooth skin with firm and waxy texture. Low in starch and slightly sweet.

Boil, steam, or sauté for stews, casseroles, and potato salad. Smaller “B” size variety ideal for kabobs, roasts, and au gratins. “C” creamer size great for soups and creamed potato recipes.

Ruby Crescent Fingerling

Thicker skin with yellow flesh. Firm and waxy texture. Earthy flavor.

Roast, bake, steam, or boil. Most flavorful when served hot.


Dark brown skin with white flesh. High in starch and low in moisture. Flaky, fluffy texture.

Bake, mash, roast, or use to make French fries.

Russian Banana Fingerling

Small and slender with elongated shape. Paper-thin skin (no need to peel). Firm, slightly waxy texture. Buttery rich flavor.

Bake, boil, or steam.
Excellent in salads.

Yellow Finn

Flattened shape with deep eyes. Starchy texture. Slightly sweeter than Yukon Gold.

Best all-purpose potato. Bake, mash, boil, or steam.

Yukon Gold

Thin skin with yellow flesh. Dense, “creamy” texture and buttery flavor.

Bake, mash, boil, or use to make French fries. The smaller “C” creamer size is ideal for soups and reamed
potato recipes.