A Guide to Pears



Sweet and succulent with a dense flesh and firm, smooth texture. No significant flavor or texture difference between green and red varieties.

Excellent for eating out of hand or for cooking.
Available September to May.

Red Anjou available through July.


Sweet, juicy, and aromatic flesh. Turns from bright green to golden yellow as it ripens. Red Bartlett turns a beautiful bright red as it ripens.

Perfect for eating out of hand, adding
to salads and desserts, or for canning.

Available August to January/February.


Firm, yet tender flesh with a crunchy texture. Spicier, sweet-tart flavor with a heady pear aroma.

Great for snacking. Also hold their shape when grilled, baked, poached, or roasted.

Available September to April.


Sweetest and juiciest of all pear varieties. Fruity aroma with a soft flesh.

Excellent for dessert. Also pairs well with cheese.

Available September to March.


Crisp, dense flesh with juicy, vanilla-sweet flavor and firm texture.

Enjoy out of hand or use for cooking.

Available September to February.


Super-sweet and slightly spicy flavor with denser flesh than most pears. Crisp texture.

Ideal for eating out of hand or adding to salads. Not well suited for cooking.

Available October to March.


Smallest of common pear varieties. Very firm texture with a crunchy flesh and sweet, rich flavor.

Great for snacking or pickling.

Available September to February.


Smooth and juicy flesh with
a subtle floral aroma. Sweet, light flavor.

Perfect for eating out of hand or adding to salads.

Available August to January.