Turkey ‘N Pasta Salad


(1 cup) luncheon servings


Byerly's Dill Dip dresses this pretty salad.


  1. Cook pasta according to package directions in boiling water with 2 teaspoons salt. Drain, rinse with cold water; drain. In large kettle of boiling water, blanch pea pods for 30 seconds. Rinse in cold water, drain; pat dry on paper towels. Cut in half diagonally. In large bowl, combine pasta, pea pods, turkey, celery and onions. In small bowl, combine 2 1/4 cups dill dip, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Toss 1 3/4 cups dressing into salad. Refrigerate salad and remaining dressing, covered, several hours or overnight. Just before serving toss in remaining dressing. To Serve: Arrange salad savoy leaves at one end of serving platter; spoon on salad. Garnish leaves with lemon slices and dill sprigs.
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