Lemon Curd Mini-Tarts

Lemon Curd Mini-Tarts




A tangy morsel.


  1. Combine lemon rind, lemon juice, sugar and butter in heavy saucepan. Heat over medium-low heat until butter is melted. Stir in eggs, cook over medium-low heat until mixture thickens slightly (10-15 minutes). Cool slightly. Refrigerate, covered. Roll each pastry round on lightly floured surface to 1/4 inch thickness. Cut each round into 8 (2 3/4 inch) rounds. Repeat with remaining pastry. Fit each round over outside of 16 mini-muffin tins. Press dough close to pan; prick surface. Bake in a preheated 425 F oven until lightly browned (8-10 minutes). Cool 3-4 minutes, gently remove from pan; cool completely.
  2. To Serve: Fill each tart shell with lemon curd. Top with a dollop of sweetened whipped cream (optional).
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