10 years ago

You’re probably familiar with the popular saying, “Good things come to those who wait.” We know many of those who live and work in downtown Minneapolis have been waiting a long time for the opportunity to shop at a full-service grocery store without having to leave the area. That wait will be over with the opening of our newest Lunds on June 14, at Hennepin Avenue and 12th Street. Please join us for the opening ceremony at 9:30 a.m. this Thursday!

Similar to our Lunds in northeast Minneapolis, this Lunds will be smaller than our traditional stores, but will deliver on every single dimension of what you have come to expect from us—extraordinary food, exceptional service, and passionate expertise.

We’ve traveled throughout the country, including a visit to Manhattan in New York City, to learn from best-in-class grocers operating in urban settings. Why Manhattan? Because there isn’t another area of the country where grocery retailers work harder to maximize the use of every square inch of available space.

Throughout the design process, we also met with our future neighbors and local neighborhood organizations to ensure this store and the adjacent Lunds Wines & Spirits Shop were designed in a manner that will truly meet the needs of the community.

Because of our inspired creativity, our inclusive style of decision making, and our enthusiasm for being an integral part of the communities we serve, the grocery store and wines and spirits shop will be masterfully merchandised and staffed with passionate and talented employees eager to serve you.

Whether you live, work, or play in the downtown area, we hope you’ll take time to visit us.

Tres Lund, chairman and CEO of Lunds and Byerly’s