11 years ago

Whether your tradition for Easter is full of arts and crafts, baking magnificent meals and Easter egg hunts or brunch with the family at your favorite neighborhood restaurant, Easter is a colorful time of year in Minnesota.

The sun is shining longer, the snow is melting, flowers are starting to bloom and shorts weather is just around the corner. But before you head off to Mexico or Florida for spring break, be sure to have your plan for Easter in place! Restaurants are already starting to fill up for brunch and Easter egg color sets are flying of the shelves at our stores. 

If you have been nominated (or voluntold) to host your Easter celebration, there’s still time to make your event special. The internet is hopping with creative ideas for decorations and crafts that are fun for any group, no matter the age. From homemade Easter grass to bunny-fold napkins, there are plenty of ideas to create the perfect ambiance. Our Pinterest boards are great tools to help make your holiday special!

Now that you have the perfectly decorated dining room for your event, it’s time to think food! If you’re hosting 4 or 40 at your house this year, we’ve got you covered. Traditional dishes for Easter include eggs, lamb, ham and hot cross buns, but with the popularity of Pinterest creative dishes are now a few clicks away!

Brunch items are still popular for in-home Easter celebrations. Items such as eggs benedict, shrimp cocktail, prime rib and chocolate fountains are typically found on brunch buffet tables across the nation. But anything with a twist or handmade decoration will be sure to please any guest on your list.

If you spent a lot of time decorating and don’t have time to bake, leave the food preparation up to us at Lunds and Byerly’s Catering! From breakfast to dessert, we have many dishes that are designed to impress. We offer a brunch meal for 25 people that includes two classic quiches, a cascading fruit platter, petite croissant sandwiches, a fruit and granola trifle and petite lemon bars. We also have glazed ham and prime rib dinners available that include all the traditional Easter accompaniments.

Call the catering office at 952-897-9800 or visit your local Lunds and Byerly’s store deli to place your Easter dinner order today!

Lauren Moore, catering specialist