10 years ago

We have looked into our crystal ball and have seen what 2013 will bring. From new ideas to growing trends from previous years, we’re keeping track of what’s in and what’s out in the catering and party world for the upcoming year.

From cocktails to couture, here’s our expert take:

  • Pantone, the world-renowned authority on color across all industries, has made Emerald the color of 2013. Expect to see it in décor, flowers, fashion, and yes, even foods and beverages. 
  • There will be lots of emerald centerpieces going “green” in more ways than one. Centerpieces will be requested and designed out of recyclable or recycled materials. Party guests will also be encouraged to take theses eco-friendly centerpieces home. 
  • This may be heretical to say, but the typical 2013 wedding will be all about the guest, and then the bride. Bridzillas beware! Seated dinners will become increasingly rare in favor of more appetizer buffets or passed receptions that allow the bridal party and guests to mingle more. No more head table and smooching toasts! 
  • Cupcakes are on their way out. Dessert bars are making a surge this year, giving the guest more options for something sweet and the wedding party a more affordable dessert route. There are so many varieties of bars that there will surely be something appealing to the taste buds of all your guests. 
  • After all the dancing and celebrating, guests will be hungry, so late night snacks are key! What a wonderful opportunity it is to create a final impression with all the people visiting and celebrating a joyous day. Bite-sized grilled cheese sandwiches, make-your-own-pizza stations and bulk candy bars are the tasty ways to go. Taking something simple and miniaturizing it or making it a hands-on activity will create lasting memories. 
  • Between Kate and William getting married and the popularity of PBS’s hit television show “Downtown Abbey,” the Royal Wedding theme is in full flourish! We’ll see English flower-garden scenes with classic romance and a hint of vintage this year, helping all brides feel like the princesses they are.

No matter the trend or what is to be seen in 2013, the event you host should always include you as the participant, and not just the host. You want to share in the memories and the experiences you’re creating for your guests, so have fun and enjoy your event!

Jessica Morrissey, catering assistant manager