7 years ago

Party idea: Build-your-own-BLT bar

Having guests over
for dinner? Take a break from the BBQ and set up a build-your-own-BLT bar!

BLTs – bacon,
lettuce and tomato sandwiches – are perfect for hot summer nights, featuring a
wonderful balance of salty, crunchy, cool and fresh. And with so much delicious
summer produce available this time of year, it’s fun to experiment with a few
extra ingredients!

Start with the
basics: Set out toasted slices of our
artisan bread
, juicy slices of red and yellow tomatoes, bacon (bonus points if you make these bacon weaves), romaine
lettuce and traditional mayonnaise.

Then go crazy with the toppings! Here are
some suggestions:

The possibilities
are endless! Invite your guests to build their own sandwiches and get creative
with the flavor combinations. It’s a fun, DIY twist to a traditional dinner