Lunds & Byerlys Online Shopping Process Changes

There is nothing more important to us than ensuring the safety of our staff and customers, and we will continue to take any and all steps necessary to do just that.

In order to minimize social interactions and personal contact, we are enabling a new “Leave at my door” option for our Lunds & Byerlys online delivery orders.

Increase in Delivery and Pickup Wait Times
Due to increased demand, you may experience longer wait times for time slots. We are working on increasing our online capacity, so if no time slots are available, please check back tomorrow as more may have opened up.  If you have placed an order, make sure to double check the day and time of your order as slots now are running 1 – 2 weeks out.

Out of Stocks and Substitutions
Additionally, due to the large volume of online orders and the in-stock volatility of certain products, we are no longer calling guests to ask about substitutions for out of stock items. When placing your order, please check the “allow substitutions” checkbox next to item(s) that you would like substitutions for if the original item is out of stock. This change allows us to complete orders as quickly as possible so we can service a larger number of customers due to the increased demand for online shopping.

Available Items Listed in your Order
Once your order is in progress, you may notice a series of red x’s next to items in your order.  This occurs when the order is being processed by our online team and is not necessarily an indication that an item is unavailable. All available items will be reflected on your register receipt when you receive your order and you will not be charged for any items that were out of stock.  The complete list of purchased items will display in your online account on the next business day.

Modifying an Order
If you need to modify an order, you can do so up to 24 hours prior to your pickup or delivery time.

To modify an order, first log in to your account at   IMPORTANT: Before modifying the order, make sure the store displaying at the top of your page matches the store where your order was placed. (For example:  if your order was placed for Ridgedale location, make sure the top of your screen says Ridgedale)  Click on the order you want to modify in your “order history” — you should then be able to modify the items in your order.

Watch Modify Your Order Video Tutorial >

Increased Safety Measures
The safety of our customers and employees is a top priority. In following CDC recommendations, our staff are allowed to wear gloves and masks. Our employees are also instructed to disinfect their hands or gloves before every order and to practice safe social distancing during pickup and delivery orders.

Wines & Spirits
If your pickup order includes any alcoholic beverages, Minnesota state law requires you to collect these items inside the Wine & Spirits store.

Delivery “Leave at My Door” Option
To use this option, simply add “Leave at My Door” in the add order note section at the bottom of your order.  In addition to our text and email alerts, you’ll receive a phone call confirmation from your shopper once your groceries have been delivered.  Please note that we still require customers to be home during a delivery and we are not responsible for any damage that may occur to products that are left at your door.  Also, we require a signature for any alcoholic products or for any ‘pay on delivery’ orders.  If you want an order left at your door, you cannot include any alcohol in your order and will need to pre-pay online with a credit card.

We will continue to monitor the situation and will update our policies as needed.  Please read more about the precautionary steps we are taking with the COVID-19 virus here.

If you would like to place an online shopping order, please visit