8 years ago

Now available in our deli: Perfect Fit Meals

Perfect Fit Meals are a simple, balanced meal solution –
the perfect fit for a healthy lifestyle!

These ready-to-eat meals are portion controlled and
dietitian designed. They’re hand crafted with wholesome ingredients, including
lean proteins and satisfying whole grains. All you need to do is heat the meals
up and they’re ready to eat – no prep, no cooking, no cleanup.

Perfect Fit Meals is a Houston-based food company that uses breakthrough
technology in high-pressure pasteurization to create delicious and nutritious
ready-to-eat meals without compromising taste, texture or nutritional quality.

“Our meals are cooked and packaged in a USDA-inspected plant using high
pressure pasteurization which removes the oxygen and pressurizes the meal so
spoiling bacteria can’t grow,” says Perfect Fit President Andrew Hsueh.  “Fresh meals stay fresher longer
without changing the integrity of the meal.”

Cooked by culinary trained chefs in a central kitchen, all Perfect Fit
Meals target lower fat and sodium and are created without preservatives or
additives, making them a perfect fit for many diet regimens. Perfect Fit Meals
are great for busy professionals, people managing health issues and parents who
want to cook for their families but also want a more controlled diet for
themselves without having to cook two separate meals.

Look for nine delicious varieties, now available in our deli:

  • Asian
    Style Pork
    with rice noodles and vegetables
  • Chicken
    with cauliflower bacon sauce and pasta
  • Chicken
    with whole wheat spaghetti
  • Feta
    Cream Chicken
    with quinoa and vegetables
  • Havana
    with black beans and brown rice
  • Lemon
    Pepper Chicken
    with vegetables and brown rice
  • Spaghetti
    and Turkey Meatballs
    with French green beans
  • Turkey
    with black bean corn salsa