What do you do at Lunds & Byerlys?

What do you do at Lunds & Byerlys?

I am the Lunds & Byerlys Nourish Consultant! I work on the development, enhancement and implementation of Nourish education and recipes.  I am also available for consultations with customers to bring nutrient-rich foods, products, and expertise that inspire them to fall in love with feeling great.

What is your background?

I’ve worked for the past six years as a healthy lifestyle and nutrition coach. I’ve always been a foodie, locavore, and anything-fermented fanatic. My work life really became fun when I realized I could turn my natural devotion to gastronomy and all things related to food into a practice that helps people make healthier food choices and improve their overall health and well-being. I work with clients in the kitchen and teach them how to turn on the stove and cook wholesome healthy food.

What do you like about the Nourish program?

I truly believe that food has an amazing power to affect our health and happiness and this sums up what Nourish is all about! Nourish aligns with my personal desire to transform lives through healthy eating and other health and wellness practices.

What new things do you hope to bring to Lunds & Byerlys?

I’m excited to bring my own culinary ideas and prowess to Nourish! I truly hope that, with my support, Nourish will flourish (that rhymes!). Eating for health is so important in our current food culture and climate, and finding a sense of balance in our food choices is really important to our overall health and happiness.

What is your favorite Nourish recipe?

It’s hard to choose, but one of my favorite Nourish recipes is our Kefir Herbed Ranch dressing.  My husband is a “ranch” fanatic, and so I was looking for a ranch dressing I could feel good about that actually tasted great and wasn’t loaded with MSG and artificial flavors. I feel here in Minnesota we are in the heart of “ranch” country! So developing a healthy and tasty probiotic-rich ranch dressing recipe felt super satisfying and made me feel great. So many great Nourish recipes can be found at LundsandByerlys.com/Nourish. I look forward to working with you!