6 years ago

No lucky charms needed for this easy-to-grow little
plant! The eye-catching shamrock-shaped leaflets in green and dark marron
shades make this plant a seasonal favorite.

Oxalis is often mistakenly referred to as a
shamrock or lucky four-leaf clover. In Ireland, four different species of
Oxalis are commonly associated with good luck. And, its American cousins
are popular both indoors and out for their easy care.

variety most commonly grown as shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day is Oxalis acetosella.
It is a four-leaf clover with pure white blooms and a compact growth habit.
Another wonderful variety for indoor use is Oxalis triangularis,
known for its delicate pink blooms and dark maroon leaves. 

Oxalis prefer bright light, cool
temperatures (60 to 70 degrees) and well-drained soil. These plants need to be just barely
damp. Whenever possible, let them dry slightly between waterings.

the winter and spring while they are actively growing, it is best to feed them
once a month with a liquid or water-soluble fertilizer. When blooming stops,
reduce fertilizer to every other month until the plant goes dormant.

Celebrate the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day! Pick up a gift of oxalis for
that lucky person you know, with four-leaf and flowering varieties that bring
out the Irish in everyone.