9 years ago

Suja Juice is a raw, USDA organic, non-GMO verified, cold pressed vegetable and fruit juice blend with many unique and very nutritious ingredients. The founders began crafting these blends on a Norwalk cold press juicer and quickly developed a thirsty audience because these juices are extremely delicious and nutrient dense.

Cold pressing is a method of juicing that involves a two-step process of gently grinding and pressing. This retains up to 45% more of the nutritional value and enzymes than a centrifugal method with a fast whirling blade. 

After the juices are cold pressed, Suja (meaning long and beautiful life in ancient Hindu) seals the juice in the bottles and sends them through a cold pressure procedure that pauses the aging process. 

Once that aging process is paused, the nutritional value stays exactly the same for the duration of the shelf life (amazing, we know!). The result is a nutritionally exceptional product that floods your body with a supercharged dose of vitamins, minerals and enzymes – all of which are very easily absorbed directly into your system. 

Whether you’re in need of some fruits and veggies, looking for a snack or just want to do a fully balanced cleanse, Suja can be enjoyed at any time. 

Suja Juice can be found in our dairy departments, next to the probiotic and chilled drinks. Be sure to check this tasty new beverage out! 

Mark Waters, dairy and frozen category manager