6 years ago

New for the holidays: Holiday pears

thrilled to offer Holiday pears this holiday season! These delicious pears are
famous worldwide thanks in large part to gift company Harry & David. The
flavor of Holiday pears is unmatched by any other variety, as anyone who has
bitten into a fully ripe and juicy one can attest. Their flesh is silky soft,
and can best be described as creamy in texture, abundantly full of juice, and
very sweet.

Our Holiday
pears are grown by family owned and operated Naumes, Inc., located in Medford,
Oregon. The company was originally established in 1946 by Joe Naumes and Steve
Nye after both men returned from active duty in World War II; although it began
as a packing company, it eventually acquired orchards and soon packed only its
own products. In the early 60s the Naumes family bought out the Nyes. Today,
the company farms around 2,500 acres of premium pears and wine grapes. Mike
Naumes (Joe’s son) is CEO, his wife Laura is COO and two of their sons, Joe and
Sean, work at the company – a true family operation!

by our produce department and enjoy wonderful Holiday pears with your family
this holiday season!