3 years ago

Need Some Spring? Turn To Tulips

We’re at the end of winter (we hope!) and it’s getting easier and easier to daydream about the warm days ahead. But until those days actually arrive, you can give yourself an early glimpse of spring by bringing home one of the most beloved spring flowers.

Tulips are an instant room-brightener — and dare we say all-around day-brightener. Their vibrant colors look incredible when intermixed or when kept monochromatic, and they’re available as cut bunches or potted bulbs.

Once you get your tulips home, be sure to keep them in a cool spot that’s away from sunlight to help them last as long as possible. If you’re enjoying cut flowers, add bulb food to their vase and give them a fresh cut before arranging. And don’t be alarmed if their stems seem overly arched. They’ll straighten themselves out overnight.

Here are a few fun facts about these spring favorites:

  1. They “sleep” when we do. Tulips close up at night but open again every day, letting you enjoy them at their most beautiful.
  2. They continue to grow after they’re cut. When giving your tulips a fresh cut, don’t worry if you accidentally snip them shorter than planned. Their stems will continue to grow in the vase — possibly as much as an inch per day!
  3. They bend toward the light. Wherever you’re displaying your tulips, take note of the light. If it’s coming from only one direction, you may want to rotate your pot or vase once a day to keep the tulips standing upright.
  4. They look amazing alone but even better with friends! Our favorite fillers for enhancing a collection of tulips are waxflower and pussy willow. These won’t overshadow the beauty of your tulips, but will give your arrangement an added wow factor.

Wishing you a happy spring from Bachman’s!