4 years ago

Must-Have Flowers For Your Home This Fall

Autumn’s eye-catching beauty is evident every time you step outside: Colors are changing on the trees and shrubs, leaves are starting to speckle the ground and crisp air is cooling the days and nights. But this beloved time of year can be just as beautiful indoors as it is out. Bring home these fall favorites to enjoy the best of the season inside your own home.

Indoor floral mums. Undoubtedly the all-stars of fall, mums are bursting with blooms and come in a variety of colors, making them a perfect complement to your home décor. Different varieties have unique looks — from daisy-like blooms to mounds of delicate petals. Mums are available in several sizes so you can fill any space with their brilliant beauty and add harvest style to every setting.

Seasonal bouquets. These grab-and-go options can be unwrapped and set in your favorite vase in seconds. Complete with flowers, accents and greens, bouquets are a great way to enjoy a gorgeous display with little to no effort. We’re currently loving “Happy Days” and “Hot Apple Cider,” which both highlight a refreshing array of sunflowers in vibrant hues. Pro tip: Use a clear vase and watch these colored sunflowers turn the water a pretty shade of pink!

Specialty planters. Neatly arranged in a woven basket or brushed tin and accented with a seasonal ribbon, our specialty planters feature a pairing of fall plants and serve as an excellent gift for a host or hostess. Consider the Mum Duet for a duo of coordinating plants or the Fall Duet for more variety.