3 years ago

Mums: The Reigning Fall Flowers

The shift from summer to fall invites you to re-energize your garden, and mums are our go-to when making the transition. Garden mums come in a variety of sizes and selections and each one provides ample fall color.

Shades of red, bronze, yellow, lavender and white can complement each other when planted en masse or present impressive monochromatic color when just one hue is highlighted.

Because they are hardy enough to handle a hint of frost, garden mums provide lasting beauty that spans the entire autumn season. They grow best in well-drained soil, in full sun and with regular watering.

So where should you use them? That’s the best part! These beauties will enhance your outdoors just about everywhere. Here are our top three ways to make mums the stars of the season:

  • Containers. What better way to create a welcoming entrance to your home than to dress up your front door with fresh favorites in harvest hues? Mums are a fun and festive choice for popping into outdoor containers. Their tight habit and abundance of blossoms creates gorgeous drama and they can be accompanied by other fall accents for a diverse display.
  • Window boxes. Plant a lineup of these plentiful blooms across the full length of a long window box to enjoy their beauty indoors and out. Your neighbors will love the seasonal sights outside your home and you’ll be able to spot these pretties peeking up above the windowsill while you stay cozy inside.
  • Hanging baskets. This one requires literally no effort! Bursting with blooms and ready to show off, these mums can be hung from an overhang of your home or from a plant hook in the corner of your yard for instant color anywhere.

Here’s to a beautiful fall with help from Bachman’s!