2 years ago

Mum’s the Word

As days and nights grow colder this month, we turn our attention to the warmth and comfort of home. Fall and winter in Minnesota is all about bringing the outdoors in, and in October, our favorite way to do that is with a splash of seasonal color in the form of indoor blooming mums from Bachman’s.

Available in a variety of splashy colors and sizes, indoor mums are the perfect fresh accent to your seasonal décor. Shop petite 4” mums that provide a floral fix for small spaces, or 6” mums that create a stunning fall focal point on your coffee or side table.

To bring fall color to your dining room table, grab three or five 4” mums of the same color (grouping objects by odd numbers is more visually pleasing) and line them down the center of your table. Place the mums in terracotta pots for a rustic garden-inspired look, or use matching cloth napkins and twine wrapped around each pot to bring a beautiful textural element to your table. Scatter mini pumpkins around your mum centerpiece and finish with pillar candles for a luminous autumn gathering.

Indoor mums typically bloom for about 3 to 4 weeks before blooms start to fade. To keep your mums healthy indoors, provide ample light and water regularly, being careful not to overwater or let the plant sit in water. Remove spent blooms as needed and compost your mum and soil when it is done blooming.

Bring home seasonal color and celebrate the best of fall with indoor blooming mums from Bachman’s!