4 years ago

Monger’s Make 2019

Redhead Creamery – located in Brooten, Minnesota – is truly a family affair. Alise Sjostrom and her family built one of the first farmstead cheese plants in Minnesota. This means that Redhead Creamery’s cheese is made from milk collected on the same farm where the cheese is produced. Alise and her family have been creating artisanal cheeses on their family dairy farm since 2013.

This past May, the Redhead Creamery team invited us to bring a couple of our cheese specialists (or “cheese mongers”) to the creamery to create a special batch of cheese that’s exclusive to Lunds & Byerlys. Kelli Persson at our White Bear Lake store and Jessica Reich at our Maple Grove store worked with Alise to create an exclusive batch of “Little Lucy Brie.” This smooth, creamy Brie is the next installment in our Monger’s Make series, which means the cheese is made by our mongers from start to finish. Our Monger’s Make Brie is available for a limited time in the summer of 2019, so make sure to stop by your favorite Lunds & Byerlys to pick some up today!