1 year ago

Minnesota Pure & Clear Ice

Believe it or not, ice is a very important ingredient behind the bar because it’s required to mix up all those delicious cocktails and mixed drinks. If you’re using cubes that have been stashed in the freezer for months or ice made with tap water, it’s time to step up your bartending game. Better ice really does make better cocktails, and that’s where Minnesota Pure & Clear Ice comes in!

The passionate team at Minnesota Ice believes ice should enhance the visual impact and overall taste of cocktails and drinks, which is why they handcraft absolutely crystal clear ice that melts slower and tastes better to minimize any drink dilution and impact to flavor. The ice is crafted to be incredibly dense, which allows it to melt much slower than regular ice.

We carry two varieties – The Sphere and The Rock. A bag of The Sphere contains perfectly round, perfectly clear balls of ice that work great in lowball glasses. Similarly, a bag of The Rock contains 2-inch cubes of crystal ice that are best used for most straight spirits and basic cocktails. They nestle nicely in lowball glasses, too!

Now available at all Lunds & Byerlys Wines & Spirits locations!