2 months ago

Meet the Expert: Tattersall Distilling

When Dan Oskey, one of the founders of Tattersall Distilling, took a call from Lunds & Byerlys ​​Wines & Spirits Category Manager, Anissa Gurstel, about creating an exclusive line of cocktail mixers for our stores, he was excited to form a new business partnership — and completely unprepared for its success. 

“The project took off in a way that was much bigger than any of us expected,” says Oskey. “I thought we’d be able to make [a batch] once a week for Lunds & Byerlys, but we had to make one every day. We had to expand our own operation to keep up.”

Oskey started in the world of cocktails as a bartender and was named 2013 Best Bartender by Minneapolis Eater for the mixology magic he brought to St. Paul’s much-loved Strip Club Meat & Fish. He founded Tattersall with Jon Kreidler in 2015

Tattersall has two locations: one in Northeast Minneapolis and one in River Falls, Wisconsin. Both founders were raised in the North and pride themselves on sourcing ingredients from regional farmers who value sustainability and organic and all-natural growing practices. 

Today the company makes a variety of aged and clear spirits, from aquavit and apple brandy to gin, vodka and absinthe. The mixers they custom create for Lunds & Byerlys are non-alcoholic, so cocktail enthusiasts can add whatever spirit or N/A sipper they prefer.

Here are the exclusive Tattersall mixes on our deli department shelves right now:

Gold Rush — This mixer is perfect for getting cozy in the fall or whenever the urge strikes to pile under a giant comforter and watch romantic comedies. It’s made with honey, lemon, rosemary, cardamom, allspice and ginger. “It’s layered and complex,” says Oskey. Pair it with: whiskey, gin or apple brandy.

Strawberry Pineapple Smash — This mix is as bright and tart as it is soft and refreshing. It’s made with a blend of strawberry, pineapple, vanilla, chamomile and a touch of clove. Pair it with: vodka or rum.

The Residency — A mix of cherry, lemon, basil and a little bit of cherry bark, this mix has complexity and depth. “The cherry bark adds a dry cinnamon-esque flavor,” says Oskey. Pair it with: gin or vodka.