10 years ago


How long have you worked for Lunds and Byerly’s? 
Since 1982 – that’s 30 years! I worked four years at Byerly’s Ridgedale, 10 years at Lunds Bloomington, four years at Byerly’s Edina and 12 years at Byerly’s St. Louis Park.

What led to your interest in the deli? 
I worked at a deli for 8 years in high school and college. I realized I wanted to work for the best and be a manager, so I went to Byerly’s for their training programs and leadership opportunities. 

What do you like most about working in the deli department? 
I love that things are constantly changing in the world of delis. There’s always a new trend that I want to keep up on. There are great people to work with and for at my store, whether we’re helping a customer choose the best meat for a sandwich or working with our cheese specialist to make that special platter for a customer’s party. I also love working with my employees on project and helping them learn and grow in the deli business. 

What’s the funniest thing that happened to you in the kitchen? 
There’s always s a lot of learning to be done in the deli! Even at the management level, I’m constantly learning, revising and innovating what I make for my customers. I’ve burnt my fair share of items and I’ve had to redo plenty of things because of it! 

What’s your all-time favorite dish to create? 
I’m a sucker for a good cheese appetizer platter! I also really enjoy cooking California hot dish. Typical Minnesotan, I know, but it’s tasty! It’s made up of rotisserie chicken, sage dressing, veggies and mushroom soup. Yum! 

What are the current trends you see for your area? 
Salad bars featuring even healthier items. I’m hoping even the buffets lines will pick up this trend of more nutritious salad bars.

Grilled cheese sandwiches! Sure they’re what your mom made you with a hot bowl of soup, but these are different. Gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, like our Full Montey with Dijon mustard, Jarlsberg and American cheese and a graham cracker crumb coating, are very popular right now.

Healthier salads in our delis, thanks in part to our talented research and development team! 

Any tips you can give our readers? 
If you ever need entertaining tips, recipes or prepared foods, Lunds and Byerly’s delis are a fantastic resource. We have everything from an olive bar and imported cheeses, to a wide variety of bulk, to-your-order slicing meats and cheeses!