5 years ago

Meatball Taste Test

Frozen meatballs are one of our favorite weeknight dinner shortcuts! They’re a huge timesaver on busy nights and are equally handy for whipping up a quick appetizer when unexpected guests drop by. But with so many different varieties of frozen meatballs available, sometimes choosing the right meatball can be a challenge. We sampled some of our top sellers to find the perfect meatballs for every occasion!

L&B Classic Home-Style Meatballs

We tried hard not to love these as much as we did. But honest to goodness, these moist, flavorful meatballs got an overwhelmingly positive response from our testers! There were so many comments about how homemade these meatballs taste. “A classic meaty flavor,” one person noted. They were also some of the largest meatballs we sampled, with a short, simple ingredient list. A solid choice paired with any sauce!

L&B Traditional Swedish-Style Meatballs in Sauce

These meatballs were also some of the largest we tested and come already mixed with a rich gravy sauce. “Sven and Ole would be proud,” proclaimed one of our testers. “A Minnesota classic! Reminds me of my grandma (in a good way),” said another. With a savory-sweet flavor and firm texture, these meatballs would make a great weeknight dinner on their own or served with noodles.

MamaMancini’s Slow Cooked Italian Style Sauce and Beef Meatballs

While these meatballs only come with six per package, they’re substantially sized – the largest we sampled – and they come in their own marinara sauce, so there’s no need to buy a separate jar of sauce for dinner. These moist, tender meatballs are super kid-friendly and made with quality ingredients using an original family recipe. And boy, are they tasty! One tester summed it up: “Leave it to the Italians to make a great meatball.”

No Name Wild Rice Meatballs

With rich beef flavor and a nice hint of spice, these meatballs got a thumbs-up from our testers. “The rice adds a nice, crunchy texture,” commented one person. “This would taste great with any sauce,” added another. Plus, with about 40 meatballs per package, you get a lot of meatball for your buck!

Simek’s Original Meatballs

With a tasty combination of beef and classic seasonings, these are another go-to if you’re looking for good, basic meatballs. While a few of our testers commented that these meatballs are fairly salty, several others noted the “excellent meaty flavor” and – bonus – you get about 45 meatballs per package. For a twist on the original, try Simek’s Italian-Style: herb-seasoned beef meatballs with a slightly peppery taste.

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