10 years ago

By: Susan Bachman West, Bachman’s executive director of perishable operations

Many Minnesotans recognize Bachman’s as a family-owned company that’s been around for over 125 years, but what’s less noticeable or often forgotten is that we grow most of the plants we sell right here in Lakeville!


Shipments from our farm come in daily and are dispersed to our garden centers and metro Lunds and Byerly’s stores, bringing fresh plants and blooms, like our hanging baskets, to our locations each day. We have over seven acres of greenhouses and more than 700 acres of growing range now in operation, where products are tested, planted in various stages, and eventually taken to the market.

Hanging baskets are one such crop that we continue to grow and deliver throughout the summer so that there’s a steady, fresh supply. From mixed Calibrachoa and Petunias to bold Geraniums, they’re a fantastic yet simple way to boost your outdoor decor.

  • No planting is required. Maintaining hanging baskets is pretty easy. They come already planted and some are artfully arranged with a few plants, so there’s not much left to do. Watering daily is a good idea, otherwise pinch withered buds occasionally to encourage new growth, and that’s it! No need to get your fingers dirty.
  • They’ve movable and multi-purpose. Placement doesn’t have to be set in stone, so you can move the plants to the party! Hang around your entryway or door to welcome guests indoors, move to the patio, or border other outdoor spaces where you’re likely to gather. Don’t forget: they don’t have to hang. Hide the hook and place directly into your stylish outdoor containers for easy display.
  • There’s a big return on investment. A big bundle of colorful blooms provides an instant impact to any space. Color choice can relate to a specific occasion (Team colors? Birthday girl’s favorite shade?) or to your home’s aesthetics. It’s $16.99 for a 10-inch basket, which is a pretty affordable way to make a statement and enjoy the decor all season long.

Did you know we’ve been growing local since 1885? Check out our story in celebration of Lunds and Byerly’s 75th Anniversary!